Funeral Service Options

There is a variety of services available to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Traditional Funeral Service

A traditional funeral service typically consists of a viewing, funeral service and burial, all with the deceased present. Within this structure, there are a number of variables that can be tailored to your preferences. For example viewings or calling hours can take place the night before or immediately preceding the funeral service. Additionally, funeral services can occur within your place of worship or our funeral home. Please let us know how we can best accommodate your wishes.

Memorial Service

A memorial service takes place when the deceased is not present. In this instance, the deceased has been cremated or buried prior to the service. In the event of cremation, burial of the cremains is still an available option.

Full Service Cremation

A full service cremation consists of a viewing and funeral service with the deceased present. Unlike traditional funeral services, the deceased is then cremated as opposed to going directly to the cemetery following the service. Once the cremation procedure has taken place, families can explore burial options.

Graveside Service

A graveside service takes place at the burial site of the deceased. Families and their guests gather at the place of burial and participate in a committal service. This option is available to burials of both urns and caskets.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is when the deceased is transferred from the place of death, cremated, and then cremains are returned to the family.